Seniors Fitness: 7 Benefits of CrossFit Training

We have heard it before: “I am too old to be doing CrossFit!” But with current members a few years away from their 90th birthday, we have to disagree. There are many seniors fitness [...]

Group Fitness Classes – Pros & Cons

If you have attended group fitness classes before, you know there are wonderful benefits to this model as well as some potential drawbacks.  Let's lay out some of the pros and cons to help [...]

Respond to Challenges

How do you respond to challenges? If you didn’t already know the answer to this question, 2020 has likely enlightened you. Overcoming obstacles in our day-to-day life has become commonplace [...]

Fitness is Measurable

You’ve been hitting the gym for a solid 6 months, working hard on your fitness, sweating through your shirt, losing weight, and gaining muscle. You can tell things are changing: you seem to [...]

Outstanding Fitness Coaches

If you’ve ever played on a sports team, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever had a fabulous teacher, a dedicated mentor, or an attentive instructor, you’ll [...]

Do I Need to be Fit to Join CrossFit?

We hear it all the time, “Oh, I am WAY too out of shape to join CrossFit!” Or, “I know someone who goes to your gym and she is WAY fitter than me!” Some folks just [...]

Love and Fitness

With 28% of our current membership in a serious relationship with another member of the gym, I felt it was high time we investigated why love and fitness go so well together. Couples Who Sweat [...]