Love and Fitness

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With 28% of our current membership in a serious relationship with another member of the gym, I felt it was high time we investigated why love and fitness go so well together.

Couples Who Sweat Together

Not all the couples joined the gym at the same time as their partner. In fact, most didn’t. But as they fell in love with fitness, they brought their honey in to share it with them. Some of our members even met AT the gym! The sweet smell of pheromones can draw you into the arms of a new lover or reignite your bond with your beloved. Who says sweat isn’t sexy?

Let the Good Times Roll

Stress can cause serious tension in a relationship. Whether it’s related to work, health, family, or finances, stress wreaks havoc on the body and can also poison our relationships. Exercise is a proven stress reducer, working to decrease cortisol levels in the body and increase endorphins (those are the feel-good-happy-times neurotransmitters). Our couples leave the gym feeling refreshed, accomplished, positive, and ready to connect with each other! Another win for love and fitness.

Don’t Find Time, Make Time

Quality time with our loved ones is often listed as a goal for many seeking happier relationships. Seeing our members supporting each other through love and fitness, sharing small moments of support and appreciation during class, demonstrates the power of spending intentional time together. Many couples even bring their kids along to hang at the gym and watch their parents support one another to be their best selves.

love and fitness

With almost 1/3 of our total membership in love with each other, it’s no surprise you feel like you’ve joined a family when you come to CFQB.

So whether you’re looking for love, hoping to amp up your relationship, or just searching for a new way to spend time with your sweetie, consider the magic of love and fitness. Your heart will have so much to thank you for.

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