Our Mission:

At CrossFit Qualicum Beach, we are dedicated to creating a positive, supportive and inspiring environment where athletes are motivated to be better every day. We strive to build a strong community of like-minded individuals, where the needs of each athlete can be met through access to both our services as well as the communal knowledge and expertise of our diverse membership and training team. This community-driven model, paired with trainers who are dedicated to continuous learning and growth, creates the base environment from which our athletes become confident, strong and empowered.

Our Mission:

At CrossFit Qualicum Beach, we are dedicated to creating a positive, supportive and inspiring environment where every athlete is motivated to be the best version of themselves. We strive to build a strong community of like-minded individuals, where the needs of each athlete can be met through access to both our services as well as the communal knowledge and expertise of our diverse membership. This community-driven model, paired with coaches who are dedicated to continuous learning and growth, creates the base environment from which our athletes become confident, strong and empowered.

About Our Box

box noun [boks] – a compartment or section in a public place, shut off for the accommodation of a small number of people.


CrossFit facilities are typically referred to as “a box”. Many are located in industrial areas, and the building itself resembles a large, open warehouse. Although we at CFQB still refer to our space as a box, our location in quaint downtown Qualicum Beach brings a brighter, more welcoming environment to the members of our facility.

But that’s not the only reason we refrain from calling ourselves a gym. There are several distinct differences between a traditional gym and a CrossFit box.

Most importantly, CFQB represents community. It’s a place where friends and family can get fit in a safe and supportive environment, where we encourage each other to achieve and celebrate our goals, and do things we never thought possible. Our box is also a place where we can go to be inspired by others; where we feel comfortable taking our children so they can witness firsthand the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle, hard work, and the many benefits of surrounding oneself with powerful, happy people.


Meet Our Trainers


Lucas Bugg — Coach

Coach, Co-owner, CF-L2


With tattoos, a bald head, seasonal beard and a pearly white smile, Lucas is the Founder and Co-owner of CFQB who believes in hard work, honesty and unicorns. Coach, as he is often referred to, opened this business for all the right reasons, as his main joys in life are watching the members of CFQB become better everyday and spending time with his adoring wife (who definitely didn’t write this).

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Growing up in the small town of Sidney, just outside of Victoria, Lucas always wondered if he would end up back on the island and back in a small town. After high school graduation, the call of the city took him to Vancouver where he lived for 20 years. He worked in the Hospitality & Tourism industry as a young man and then moved into sales. Quickly, he realized two things: 1. He enjoyed helping people make decisions that made them happy, and 2. That’s not what the sales industry is about. The final chapter of his sales journey was as a precious metals broker, where he helped many people become wealthy and prosperous, but still something didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until a near death experience of a burst appendix that Lucas finally decided to pursue his true passion: brokering the sale of happiness, health and wellness. Moving back to the Island, Lucas settled on Qualicum Beach and opened the doors of CFQB in May 2014. Prior to this, he completed a 500hr Apprenticeship under the then Regional Director of CrossFit for Canada West, Dave Kitchen, at his affiliate CrossFit North Vancouver. He learned from Dave and Head Coach Chris Shaalo about community and virtuosity. He was inspired by the affiliate model and seeing the impact a business like this can have on it’s members. Opening his own business in a small town was a risk, but it was one he was willing to take. His future wife and business partner was among the first 20 people to join, creating yet another life altering change with the decision to chase his dreams. Now Lucas enjoys coaching group classes, leading new members through our Foundations program, and developing the amazing team of Trainers at CFQB. With a background as a Sports Nutrition Specialist and certification through Precision Nutrition, Lucas is the main Nutrition Coach at the box, working with individuals of all ages, competitors, associations, corporations and teams to offer insight into how healthy living can truly change your life.

Maggie Bugg – Box Mom

Co-owner/General Manager, B.Ed., CF-L2

Get ready for some nerdy sci-fi references and detailed coaching with this stickler for perfect movement! Maggie was born and raised in Qualicum Beach and is passionate about helping others to become the best version of themselves.

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Knowing what it’s like to grow up in this small town, Maggie’s first move after joining the CFQB training staff was to startup Kids & Teens Programs. She is Head Coach of these speciality classes, with offerings for K-12 in an afterschool setting, optional enrolment in high school PE courses, and regular sessions with the School District’s collaborative homeschool/hybrid group, all programs she designed and implemented. Her excitement for working with kids and youth is no surprise, as she graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Education is 2011. She went on to move overseas and teach primary school in London, England after experiencing the thrill of teaching internationally in Munich, Germany in 2010. Upon returning to Canada, she took up teaching at an Independent School in Victoria, BC, which allowed her increased freedom to teach children in a more holistic and intuitive way, but it wasn’t enough. In 2014, she decided to change gears and go into business with her then partner, Lucas Bugg, building a physical fitness and health program for kids, teens and families back in her hometown. She completed her CF-L1 and CF Kids courses in 2014, and later her CF-L2 in 2017. Maggie is pleased to manage an amazing team of Trainers, both in the kids and regular programs, and absolutely adores being an entrepreneur in Qualicum Beach. Bringing her flair for silliness, superheroes, space travel, and smiles to the box, Maggie believes that CrossFit QB is a great place for anyone looking to improve their lives. She is excited to help Padawans of all ages grow into true Jedi Masters.

Ryan Reid


If you love a well-timed joke, laid-back vibe, and big broad shoulders, you’re going to love Ryan. This island-raised hulk is stoked to be coaching at CFQB to share his love of both this sport and its culture.

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Born and raised in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island, Ryan spent much of his childhood and youth strapped into ice skates with a hockey stick in his hand. He still plays hockey to this day, using it as an opportunity to express his fitness and spend time with friends. Ryan’s academic background is in Fisheries, but he spent a few years rolling up his sleeves and working in construction from foundation to finishing. Now, Ryan owns his own business with his wife, working as a Financial Advisor. He is a father of 4 girls and knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be surrounded by awesome women! Speaking of women, Ryan’s favourite CrossFit workout is “Grace” – 30 Clean & Jerks for time – because he prefers a fast and heavy workout over a long slog. He first found CrossFit in 2012 and joined us at CFQB in 2019. He completed his CF-L1 in January of 2022 and is now enjoying teaching and learning alongside the CFQB Community. When asked what he loves most about CrossFit, he shared that he loves how it’s “constantly challenging you, every time you are good at one thing, there’s always somewhere else to improve. This is my happy place.” But when Ryan isn’t at the gym, you will undoubtedly find him out in nature, fishing and hunting. Exploring new places is one of the great thrills in his life. His advice to anyone joining us at CFQB? “Don’t take things too seriously at the gym! We are here to have fun.”

Denyse Kohse


When she isn’t at CFQB, you can find this fast moving momma chasing around her two beautiful daughters and their dog Pepper or running into burning buildings as a Fire Officer with the QB Fire Dept.

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Born and raised in Qualicum Beach, Denyse has been a member of our Fire Department since her 19th birthday, first becoming an Officer in 2018. Besides the honour in serving her community, Denyse loves the opportunity to push herself both mentally and physically. And it’s no wonder she made the jump to CrossFit training, as she believes the main tenets of CF (constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements) are also seen throughout Fire Fighting. She isn’t afraid of a heavy carry or an adrenaline rush, and is no stranger to finding herself in a heap on the floor! In her youth, Denyse was an avid barrel racer and horseback rider, enjoying the speed and power of the sport. Her interests shifted after high school, and she began learning how to increase her strength and coordination to perform tricks and combinations through pole dancing. It was during this time she stumbled into CrossFit. One class and she was hooked! In a desire to enhance her knowledge of CF methodology and training, as well as learn how to support others seeking improvements in functional fitness, Denyse took her CFL1 in 2018. She loves coaching and helping offer our members the best hour of their day – “I love how happy the workouts make everybody! The hardest part is just getting here and walking through the door.”

Mark Rands


4,736 miles from his childhood home in Ipswitch, England, Mark brings a dashing accent and a love of “footie” to his classes at CFQB. He is quick to laugh, a stickler for safe movement, and loves a good challenge.

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Mark joined us as an athlete back in 2017 and is now the main coach of our Vintage program. Having received his CF-L1 in 2015, Mark was keen to join the training team and share his love of fitness, sport, and functional movement with athletes of all ages. Having been a semi-professional football player in the UK (the sport we know as soccer), Mark spent many years of his adult life coaching the sport, having obtained the Football Association Coaching Certification in the UK and UEFA Pre -B Certification in Canada. He has coached many youth and adult teams in England, Scotland and in Canada, including many Victoria Boys teams, and the Oceanside Girls U16/U18 teams here locally. Finding CrossFit as an athlete gave Mark a great stress-reliever from his work in Social Housing, and an effective foundation for his other athletic pursuits, namely trail and hill running, and playing on an over 50s soccer team. Mark has a strong work ethic and values determination and a willingness to try. With experience in seniors fitness at various care homes, Mark has seen the difference exercise can make on attitude and overall well-being. He believes fitness can allow us to live a more varied and fulfilling life and wants to be a part of making that possible for everyone, no matter their age. Mark’s advice to anyone interested in the Vintage program? “There can be a fear of the gym or the intensity in what we do, but there is always a place to start and it’s surprising what you can do. You’ve just gotta take that first step – you’ve got nothing to lose!”