Our Mission:

At CrossFit Qualicum Beach, we are dedicated to creating a positive, supportive and inspiring environment where athletes are motivated to be better every day. We strive to build a strong community of like-minded individuals, where the needs of each athlete can be met through access to both our services as well as the communal knowledge and expertise of our diverse membership and training team. This community-driven model, paired with trainers who are dedicated to continuous learning and growth, creates the base environment from which our athletes become confident, strong and empowered.

Our Mission:

At CrossFit Qualicum Beach, we are dedicated to creating a positive, supportive and inspiring environment where every athlete is motivated to be the best version of themselves. We strive to build a strong community of like-minded individuals, where the needs of each athlete can be met through access to both our services as well as the communal knowledge and expertise of our diverse membership. This community-driven model, paired with coaches who are dedicated to continuous learning and growth, creates the base environment from which our athletes become confident, strong and empowered.

About Our Box

box noun [boks] – a compartment or section in a public place, shut off for the accommodation of a small number of people.


CrossFit facilities are typically referred to as “a box”. Many are located in industrial areas, and the building itself resembles a large, open warehouse. Although we at CFQB still refer to our space as a box, our location in quaint downtown Qualicum Beach brings a brighter, more welcoming environment to the members of our facility.

But that’s not the only reason we refrain from calling ourselves a gym. There are several distinct differences between a traditional gym and a CrossFit box.

Most importantly, CFQB represents community. It’s a place where friends and family can get fit in a safe and supportive environment, where we encourage each other to achieve and celebrate our goals, and do things we never thought possible. Our box is also a place where we can go to be inspired by others; where we feel comfortable taking our children so they can witness firsthand the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle, hard work, and the many benefits of surrounding oneself with powerful, happy people.


Meet Our Trainers


Lucas Bugg — Coach

Coach, Co-owner, CF-L2


With tattoos, a bald head, seasonal beard and a pearly white smile, Lucas is the Founder and Co-owner of CFQB who believes in hard work, honesty and unicorns. Coach, as he is often referred to, opened this business for all the right reasons, as his main joys in life are watching the members of CFQB become better everyday and spending time with his adoring wife (who definitely didn’t write this).

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Growing up in the small town of Sidney, just outside of Victoria, Lucas always wondered if he would end up back on the island and back in a small town. After high school graduation, the call of the city took him to Vancouver where he lived for 20 years. He worked in the Hospitality & Tourism industry as a young man and then moved into sales. Quickly, he realized two things: 1. He enjoyed helping people make decisions that made them happy, and 2. That’s not what the sales industry is about. The final chapter of his sales journey was as a precious metals broker, where he helped many people become wealthy and prosperous, but still something didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until a near death experience of a burst appendix that Lucas finally decided to pursue his true passion: brokering the sale of happiness, health and wellness. Moving back to the Island, Lucas settled on Qualicum Beach and opened the doors of CFQB in May 2014. Prior to this, he completed a 500hr Apprenticeship under the then Regional Director of CrossFit for Canada West, Dave Kitchen, at his affiliate CrossFit North Vancouver. He learned from Dave and Head Coach Chris Shaalo about community and virtuosity. He was inspired by the affiliate model and seeing the impact a business like this can have on it’s members. Opening his own business in a small town was a risk, but it was one he was willing to take. His future wife and business partner was among the first 20 people to join, creating yet another life altering change with the decision to chase his dreams. Now Lucas enjoys coaching group classes, leading new members through our Foundations program, and developing the amazing team of Trainers at CFQB. With a background as a Sports Nutrition Specialist and certification through Precision Nutrition, Lucas is the main Nutrition Coach at the box, working with individuals of all ages, competitors, associations, corporations and teams to offer insight into how healthy living can truly change your life.

Maggie Bugg – Box Mom

Co-owner, B.Ed., CF-L2, CF Kids/Teens Head Coach

Get ready for some nerdy sci-fi references and detailed coaching with this stickler for perfect movement! Maggie was born and raised in Qualicum Beach and is passionate about helping others to become the best version of themselves.

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Knowing what it’s like to grow up in this small town, Maggie’s first move after joining the CFQB training staff was to startup Kids & Teens Programs. She is Head Coach of these speciality classes, with offerings for K-12 in an afterschool setting, optional enrolment in high school PE courses, and regular sessions with the School District’s collaborative homeschool/hybrid group, all programs she designed and implemented. Her excitement for working with kids and youth is no surprise, as she graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Education is 2011. She went on to move overseas and teach primary school in London, England after experiencing the thrill of teaching internationally in Munich, Germany in 2010. Upon returning to Canada, she took up teaching at an Independent School in Victoria, BC, which allowed her increased freedom to teach children in a more holistic and intuitive way, but it wasn’t enough. In 2014, she decided to change gears and go into business with her then partner, Lucas Bugg, building a physical fitness and health program for kids, teens and families back in her hometown. She completed her CF-L1 and CF Kids courses in 2014, and later her CF-L2 in 2017. Maggie is pleased to manage an amazing team of Trainers, both in the kids and regular programs, and absolutely adores being an entrepreneur in Qualicum Beach. Bringing her flair for silliness, superheroes, space travel, and smiles to the box, Maggie believes that CrossFit QB is a great place for anyone looking to improve their lives. She is excited to help Padawans of all ages grow into true Jedi Masters.

Patrick Thibeault

CF Level 2, CF Weightlifting, CF Sport Specific Application, CF Masters, CF Adaptive Training, CF Gymnastics

Like many of the people he coaches, Patrick came to CrossFit with the goal of getting back in shape and losing some weight. Patrick loves being involved in the Qualicum Beach Community and running special events for members at CFQB.

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That was in 2013, and since then, he has lost 57 lbs and feels stronger and more fit than ever!
His background in coaching goes back nearly 25 years with experience in baseball and softball but mostly in hockey, coaching minor, junior and University level, including 3 Nationals and the Canada Winter Games. His enthusiasm for coaching is founded on a desire to help others achieve their goals. Outside of the gym he enjoys travelling with his wife, Sarah (a.k.a. Matchstick), spending quality time together and discovering new places. Patrick relocated to Qualicum Beach in 2016 from North Vancouver, where he coached at CFNV. It is there he met Lucas and learned under Dave Kitchen and Chris Schaalo. Patrick is looking forward to getting more involved in both the QB community and here at CFQB.

Terry Peters – Bull

CF-L1, 4x CrossFit Games Masters Competitor

With a heart-warming smile, some colourful language and a lifelong love of fitness, Terry is known for becoming a fast friend! This guy will rip up on his dirt bike or motorcycle and entertain you with stories of his many road trips or his many trips to the CF Games.

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After nearly 40 years in North Vancouver, most of it working at the North Shore News as a photographer and later as Managing Editor, Terry, his wife and their 3 dogs packed up and moved to Qualicum in the fall of 2017. He fell in love it here and when he’s not at the box, Terry can now be found paddling the beach in his kayak or painting in his backyard studio. Terry brings many years of martial arts training along with a 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo to the table as a coach with CFQB, so you’d better be ready to pay attention in his classes! Terry has been training CrossFit since 2007 and been coaching since 2008, first with CrossFit BC, then for six years at CF North Vancouver. But this stud’s background goes beyond coaching, he has been a serious CrossFit competitor. In 2012 he made it to the CF Games and then again in 2014, 2015, and 2016 when he achieved his highest placing of 5th in the world in the 60+ Division. Terry is passionate about CrossFit, both as an athlete and a coach. He believes in training for the long term to create a healthier tomorrow. In his own words, “I can sum up my approach with the tattoos on my arms, ‘Keep Going, Be Better and Believe’.”

Charmaine Smith – Pookey

CF-L1, Trainer

Charmaine is a prairie-born farm girl turned west coast super-mom. Raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, she knows a thing or two about long days and even longer roads. One day those long roads became too tempting and, at the age of 17, she packed all her belongings in her car and set her course for adventure, also known as Whistler, BC. 

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She never looked back, and we are so glad. Qualicum Beach has been home since 2003, and Charmaine is excited to be a member of the coaching staff at CFQB, helping the Oceanside community express their health and fitness. She is a dedicated wife and mother, having home-schooled her two daughters for 10 years, and could knit you under the table. Her favourite past-times include her 12 trips taken with family to Mexico (did I mention she speaks Spanish!?) and her many hours spent tending to her veggie garden. If you get a chance to try her garlic, it comes highly recommended! Charmaine’s past fitness endeavours include running two half-marathons and keeping a strong yoga practice. She completed her CrossFit Level 1 Training in Spring of 2015 and spent many months apprenticing at CFQB. She then completed her NCCP Gymnastics Foundation Course in 2015. Her favourite WOD is the Filthy 50, as she enjoys a daunting, hellish task as well as the time and space to get in the zone. Charmaine knows that one can never truly achieve perfection, but she accepts this challenge and thus spends much time working on her cleans. Her coaching style is structured and supportive, often including a playlist featuring Poison. She is truly committed to life-long learning and personal growth, making her a wonderful teacher, coach, and athlete.

Deanna Later – Chica

CF-L1, BCRPA Group Fitness Trainer

Rarely to be seen without a smile on her face and a giggle on her lips, Deanna is a contagiously positive, effortlessly patient and relentlessly dedicated Trainer who loves sharing her passion for fitness with others.

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Deanna left her corporate job of 25 years, pushing paper and pens, to pursue her passion for helping others, pushing weights and physical limits! Deanna has been a registered Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer with BCRPA since 2011. It wasn’t until December 2016 that she found CrossFit, but she instantly fell in love! In June 2017, she officially became a CF Level 1 Trainer and she hasn’t looked back. Deanna is an energetic person who believes in pushing herself out of her comfort zone.  She strives to be the best she can be and encourages others to do the same, through nutrition and physical activity. Having previously worked with Weight Watchers, Deanna is actively involved with our Nutrition Coaching Programs at CFQB and loves helping people reach their health and weight loss goals through nutrition. She has also been on several sports executives and coached youth in the Oceanside area for many years. Deanna is a vibrant, supportive and attentive member of our CrossFit Kids Training Team as well as our prominent Trainer for our CrossFit Vintage Program, designed for the legends in our community. Next time you see her, be sure to ask about her amazing experiences completing several half marathons, including the Great Wall of China Adventure Marathon!

Shannon Light – Fro Yo

Digital Experience Director, NCCP Regional Coach, CF-L1

With her curly, red, afro hair and electric smile, Shannon often arrives at the gym in a big, furry parka – even in the heat of summer. Why, you ask? Well, when Shannon isn’t at CFQB, she can be found wearing her other (fur-trimmed) hat as Head Coach of the Sandy Shores Skating Club here in Oceanside. But don’t let these frosty facts freeze your heart, because Shannon is as warm as a summer breeze!

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A born Vancouver-Islander, Shannon moved to the Oceanside area at age 5 where she started school and promptly picked up where she left off in her competitive figure skating career. Yes, you read that right. Almost born in ice skates, Shannon began learning to skate at age 2, and although her competitive skating days are behind her, she can still be found spinning and jumping around the rink in her spare time. Always up for an athletic challenge, Shannon spent many years competing in figure skating. She competed at the National level three times, Internationally twice and won the gold medal in Western Canada for her division. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail can be seen in everything she does, which is why we are so thrilled to have her as both a Trainer at CFQB and as our Digital Experience Director, helping members navigate the ins and outs of membership, scheduling and community engagement. Shannon joined CFQB as an athlete in March 2017 and earned her CF-L1 in June 2018. She is a Trainer for both our regular group classes as well as our CF Kids classes, and loves having the opportunity to work and play in what she calls her “happy place”. With her mother, partner and daughter all members of the gym, it’s no wonder she’s so happy all the time! If you find a chance to chat with Fro Yo, as she is lovingly called at the box in honour of her amazing hair, be sure to ask about her time spent as a solo performer, figure skating on Royal Caribbean Cruise ships all over the world! Specifically ask about the sparkly costumes. She has photos.

Kim Howse – DJ Kim

Trainer, B.Ed., CF-L1

Undeniably our most fun Trainer, Kim is often found dressed as a pirate, clown or dinosaur. This is because Kim is one of our phenomenally upbeat and happy CF Kids Trainers. She is also active in training our Vintage class, though she typically leaves her costumes at home. DJ Kim, so nicknamed for her specific taste in workout music, is a retired Elementary School teacher and mother of two amazing boys.

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Having graduated from UVic in 1998, she began her teaching career in the Oceanside area, and six years later, moved to Edmonton. Whether it was the cold winters or the pull of the sea, she only lasted 4 years in Alberta before returning to Oceanside to raise her family in 2010. Fast forward another 6 years and you’ll find Kim walking in the doors of CFQB. It was love at first WOD. She spent her first year working on her own strength and conditioning, but was soon inspired to share her love of this sport and her passion for teaching with the youngest members of our community. Kim became a CF-L1 Trainer in June 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Ask any CF Kid who has been to DJ Kim’s class and they will tell you she gives the best high fives! Many of her classes are themed (hence the costumes) and she always finds creative and exciting ways to make fitness fun for children. When you meet Kim, you will know right away that she has a big heart. What you may not know is that she is royalty – Miss Parksville & District 1992 to be exact. So prepare your curtsey and get ready for a good time!