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How do you respond to challenges?

If you didn’t already know the answer to this question, 2020 has likely enlightened you.

Overcoming obstacles in our day-to-day life has become commonplace thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Continually we are faced with challenges and asked to pivot, adjust, and acclimate to the “new normal.” 

As with most things, it’s our attitude towards what’s happening that determines our reality – if we assess things as being hopeless and dire, then they most certainly are. 

Like Henry Ford stated, “if you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Our evaluations of our abilities and the current state of our lives is the lens through which we view everything. 

Think it’s going to be impossible to wear a mask while you workout? It will be. 

Believe there’s no way you can workout in your living room with kids and dogs and furniture everywhere? You’re right. 

Is this pandemic having a massive, negative impact on your life, livelihood, and happiness? Believe it and it becomes true.


For in many ways, that’s how truth works – it can only be “true” if we believe it is or until we are shown otherwise. 


Let me show you otherwise… 


One of the essential components to living a life of purpose, of having days filled with meaning and joy, is being of service to others and making a positive impact on the world and the people in it. 


Respond to Challenges: Masks

The simple act of masking up is in fact service to others. Whether it’s preventing someone from becoming ill or just allowing someone peace of mind while they visit the pharmacy, wearing your mask is improving the lives of others. 

Wearing that mask to the gym? Yes, that’s going to be more of a challenge than just wearing it to the grocery store. But we are creating a safe space for ourselves and others to continue to improve our fitness, health, and physical resiliency. We are building healthier humans, coming together as a community in search of our best selves. When we wear our masks to the gym, we are doing so with respect, compassion, and social responsibility. 


Respond to Challenges: Working out from Home

Working out at home without a garage gym at your disposal is not easy. I know because I did it for two months this year during the lockdown when even business owners weren’t permitted access to their gym facilities. The challenges range from motivation, proper programming, inadequate equipment, sharing the space with other humans and pets, lack of physical space… the list goes on. 

But have you ever had an important goal? One that really fired you up? Do you remember the feeling you had when you were making clear progress towards that goal? The little or big successes that remind you of your path and just how close you are to achieving that goal feel so good. They motivate you to keep moving forward, to not give up, to redouble your efforts. 

Why do you workout in the first place? Why is it so important to you? What goals around health and fitness do you have? Perhaps you are training for a specific competition or event, or maybe you are fighting against illness and striving towards a healthier body. Maybe you are motivated to stay healthy and fit so you can perform well at your job, keep up with your children or grandchildren, or participate in the hobbies that fill your life with meaning, purpose, and joy. 

Whatever your reason for working out, ensure you are connected to it. If you stay focused on why it’s important to workout every week, you are less likely to find reasons to skip out. If COVID is keeping you from your Spin Class or away from your gym community, find a way to continue working on your fitness goal. Could you attend a Zoom Class if you push your coffee table aside and grab a few paint cans from the shed? Could you start running every morning before breakfast? Maybe you could hire a Personal Trainer to come train you at home


My Challenge to You

If we can learn to look at our challenges and obstacles as an opportunity for creative problem solving, a chance to stretch our limits and beliefs and grow as individuals, we will always come out on top.

There is no doubt about it. These are challenging times. 

But in these times of uncertainty, hardship, and frustration, can we be willing to look at our own responses? Can we be willing to adjust our outlook, attitudes, and beliefs? Can we change how we respond to challenges?

We all choose how we look at the world and the events of our lives. Be aware of what lens you choose to view your life through. If you don’t like what you see, it’s in your hands to choose differently.

Choose to see opportunity, growth, kindness, and understanding. Don’t give up on your goals, but instead, lean into them.

Watch yourself succeed against all odds. 

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