COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures: Phase 2

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had to change the way we offer programs and services at CFQB. Since being allowed to re-open under specific guidelines through VIHA and Work Safe BC, we have been able to increase our offerings and are now in Phase 2 of our reopening plans. Please read on for a look at our current COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures.
At present, we are following the recommendations from health officials and monitoring the situation. We have decided to re-open with a Phase-based approach. This way, we are able to slowly increase our offerings, ensuring the safety of our staff and members, while also being compliant with local regulations.
Phase 1 of our re-opening plan was for Personal or Small Group Training ONLY. This was essentially 1-3 people at a time.
Phase 2 of our re-opening has now begun and we have been able to expand our services offered.
At this time, we are offering the following services inside our gym facility:
  • Small Group Adult and Teen Classes (8 people)
  • Small Group Kids Classes (10 children)
  • Personal Training (1-1 or up to 3 people with 1 coach)
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Nutrition Check-ins
  • New Member 30min Consultations
  • Existing Member Goal Check-ins
If you are coming into the facility for any of the above, here are our COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures and what you can expect during your time at CFQB:
Phase 2: Personal Training, 1-1 Meetings, & Small Group Classes
  1. Do not come into the facility if you are feeling sick (i.e. no signs of fever, cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing)

  2. Masks are mandatory upon entry and for the duration of your time in our facility with the exception of the time you are actually doing the workout of the day. All staff will be masked for the entire session.
  3. You will be asked upon arrival how you are feeling and if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

  4. Please ONLY ENTER through the FRONT DOOR (1st Ave.)

  5. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive. Please use soap and water for at least 30 seconds. We also have hand sanitizer on site for use during your time at the gym.

  6. For the duration of your time at the facility, please keep at least a 2m distance from your Trainer and anyone else using the facility. If you are asked to remain in a set location during your session, please stay there.

  7. For Personal Training clients, your Trainer will have  your station set up when you arrive and all your equipment will be sanitized and ready to use. All equipment used will remain out until the end of your session. Then, the items will be returned to their original location and sanitized there.

  8. For Small Group Classes, your Trainer will advise you on how to gather, sanitize, and put away all equipment used during your session. Please follow all their requested procedures.

  9. Certain items WILL NOT BE USED AT ALL during your session including but not limited to: chalk buckets, climbing ropes, fans, and any other difficult to sanitize items.

  10. Please exit through the BACK DOOR (parking lot).

  11. Your Trainer will ensure all frequently touched surfaces are sanitized and our staff are monitoring their own health to ensure they do not come to work when sick.

    We are excited to welcome you back to CFQB and thank you in advance for your cooperation with these safety measures.

    Please check back with us for updates on future Phases of our re-opening plan. Stay safe and be kind!

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